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From the imagination of award-winning makeup artist Donni Davy (HBO’s Euphoria), HALF MAGIC was designed to provide inclusive beauty products that allow you to look and feel as unique as you are. Whether you want an eye-catching bomb of color or a subtle pop of glitter, we have exactly what you need to wear your heart on your face and embody every version of you.

We curated our line of vegan and cruelty-free makeup products to help you shape-shift with every day – using intensely saturated pigments in bold mattes and multidimensional shimmers. All you need is a mirror and your creativity. In addition to our makeup, we equip you with the tools you need in your beauty toolbox to get the looks you want. For our rhinestone FACE GEMS, we provide ADORNMENTS TWEEZERS for effortless and safe application. We also have a retractable EYELINER BRUSH for razor-sharp wings and seamless application of our eye products, from our CHROMADDICTION eye paint and liquid eyeliner, to our GLITTERPILL eye shadow and glitter eyeliner. Finally, we have the WING MAGICIAN, a mistake-proof guide for creating perfectly crisp winged looks. Whether you're doing your usual makeup for the day or going all out, HALF MAGIC can help you build eye-catching looks with depth and dimension.

We hope HALF MAGIC helps you create your deepest dream self. Be strange, be beautiful, be absolutely and unapologetically you – because "normal" means nothing.