This 10-piece set includes FACE GEMS, FACE STUDS & FACE PEARLS:


  •  FACE GEMS - (2) Iridescent Sparkle & (2) Solid Neon
  •  FACE STUDS - (2) Bold metallic
  •  FACE PEARLS - (2) Classic Iridescent & (2) Bold Metallic


This pro set includes our classic FACE GEMS in two finishes, Iridescent Sparkle and Solid Neon, FACE STUDS in Bold Metallic and FACE PEARLS in both finishes, Classic Iridescent and Bold Metallic - for the newbies and artists alike. 

Use our specially designed ADORNMENT TWEEZERS to remove each gem, stud or pearl from its sheet.


For precise and safe application, firmly grip the base of each as you position and apply it on your face.


For maximum staying power, FACE GEMS, STUDS and PEARLS should be applied to clean and dry skin.