animal-friendly and human-safe

Express yourself in new and creative ways all while keeping you and your furry friends safe. All of our glitters and pigments have been specially sourced to ensure they are eye-safe. We've also designed every product to be cruelty-free – our formulas are all vegan and have never been tested on animals. With HALF MAGIC, unleash your creativity to experiment with new fantasy selves, all while relying on clinically-tested safety and performance.

Thoughtfully designed packaging.

Most makeup packaging today never actually gets recycled -- because it isn't properly cleaned or is too small in size for curbside recycling machinery.

Our goal is to help reduce beauty waste where possible and to help support circularity in the industry. We are founding members of the PACT Collective and created HALF MAGIC's mail-back program, to help tread more lightly on this planet while we revel in magical creativity and expression.

For us, sustainability is always a work in progress and we continuously strive to improve the use of recycled and recyclable materials in our products and lessen waste.


Sometimes we need a little more than makeup to transform fantasies into reality. That’s why Half Magic is committed to helping underserved communities thrive. Our partnership with Beauty 2 the Streetz supports the people without housing on Skid Row in Los Angeles. Interested in helping us spread the magic?